MAF 210

Course Description

“How do we manage our access to the ocean and marine resources within U.S. waters? This class will introduce students to essential principles of governance within U.S. waters. We will study the history of coastal and ocean governance throughout U.S.history, how our government manages human access to marine resources such as fish and offshore oil, and the unique boundaries and jurisdictions that apply to ocean governance. We will explore how our current ocean governance system can better respond to increasing human demands for marine resources, and support healthy coastal and marine ecosystems. Classes will combine lectures, discussion, small group activities, guest speakers, and field trips as possible.”

Brief Description & What I learned

I took Intro to U.S Ocean Governance with Professor Farady the spring semester of my sophomore year. This was the first marine affairs class I took after I switched my major from Marine Biology. In this course I learned about the the different boundaries and jurisdictions the U.S has, and what that all means. I also learned about the various different commissions and documents that have helped to shape ocean governance such as the Pew Commission, USCOP, and the Stratton Commission. In this course we also examined several case studies that dealt with marine spatial planning.

Course Work

The attached writing assignment is a short assignment the class was required to submit. The topic of my paper is “Addressing Water Quality”. Water quality is a topic that I find extremely interesting, and it is very important to me. In the paper I mentioned how water quality is lessened, and it’s impacts.

Writing Assignment 2