DS106 Work

DS106 work is a combination of both daily creates and other assignments. Each day there is a new daily create prompt on the daily create website. Everyday there is a new challenge for the user to create something of his or her own, following the instructions given in the prompt.

DS106 Daily Creates

  1. Daily Create #tdc2692
  2. Daily Create #tdc2697
  3. Daily Create #tdc2698
  4. Daily Create #tdc2705
  5. Daily Create #tdc2706
  6. Daily Create #tdc2711
  7. Daily Create #tdc2712
  8. Daily Create #tdc2718
  9. Daily Create #tdc2719
  10. Daily Create #tdc2722

DS106 Assignments

  1. DS106: Selfie With A Pet 
  2. DS106: Whats the Meme
  3. DS106: Demotivate Yourself
  4. DS106: Say it Like the Peanut Butter
  5. DS106: Color Walk Time Lines
  6. DS106: The Big Caption
  8. DS106: What They Might Have Done in Social Media
  9. DS106: Turn A GIF Into A FIG
  10. DS106: We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch
  11. DS106: Remix Guinness Book of World Records
  12. DS016: Forrest Gump Project
  13. DS106: Digital Story Compilation