Daily Create #tdc2698

After watching the work of George Melies for today’s daily create, I was immediately reminded of Charlie Chaplin. When I read the daily create for today, I immediately recognized who George Melies was. I had learned about him and watched some of his previous work in an Evolution to Documentary Film class at UNE. Many of his early films resembled the work of the Lumiere Brothers. The Lumiere Brothers were some of the first filmmakers ever in history. After watching the YouTube video of Melies’ work, I was reminded of Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin was a famous actor and filmmaker during the silent movie era. I was also familiar with some of his work because of an earlier documentary course I have taken. For this daily create I opted for a GIF of Chaplin. This GIF is from the silent movie The Adventurer. In the GIF he is seen to be on the run from the prison guard.