DS106: Demotivate Yourself


At first, I was a little stuck doing this assignment because I could not find any pictures in my camera roll that gave me inspiration. After spending some time scrolling, I came across this picture of a seal taking a nap, looking pretty tired and demotivated. This picture was taken last summer at a park in Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada. Although the seal was very cute, this was pretty sad to see for a view reasons. The harbor and grey seals were kept in a very large indoor exhibit. The exhibit had its own auditorium, but the park no longer hosted shows with these seals. The seals were kept in a very large tank with hundreds of empty seats around them. Although shows are no longer offered, the park still allowed visitors to come up to the tank and view these seals. It was sad to see that the seals were clearly not given much attention. At my time in this exhibit, I saw maybe 3 other visitors, and no staff to oversee these seals. This exhibit (along with all the other exhibits in the park) were extremely run down, dirty, and outdated. I felt as if I stepped into a time machine that went to the 60’s. The seal in the picture seems to be extremely demotivated, and made me feel down and demotivated as well as I thought about the conditions this poor seal is kept in. I certainly will never be visiting this park ever again. To make this meme I selected a picture from my camera roll and sent it to my email so I was able to view it from my laptop. Then, I uploaded it to a a free meme-maker site (that can be found at https://imgflip.com/memegenerator). This site is very quick and easy to use. It allows the user to upload his or her own picture, or to scroll through previously made memes that other people have made.